Welcome to Mojo City where everyone gets a chance to become a rockstar!
Rush into the epic fights, join a band and beat guts out of your enemies!
Become a legendary superstar and prove 'em your worth in massive PvP!


Mojo Stars is on App Store now. Download it on your iPhone or iPad and begin your struggle for respect in the city. A Mayor offers a reward to all the newcomers! Install Mojo Stars now and get the reward.

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Woohoo, I always dreamt of kicking those clubbers' butts w/o getting arrested and here we go! Hahaha guys you've made it, now I can get my adrenaline dealing no real damage to people!
Kewl graphics&animation
Really nice game and the characters indeed look and speak as if they were alive. Worth spending a few hrs per day :P
Live radio in the game!
Cool combo of music-oriented game and live radio! No need to pick between these two now! Great job, keep polishing it!
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